Friday, 4 April 2014

I'm going AWOL

Uh. Its April. My GCSE exams are a month away and I have a timetable dedicated to nothing other than revision. Literally. I'm in the process of deactivating all of my social media accounts (sob) and putting my head in nothing but textbooks (not even fiction). So I'll be practically gone from blogging until my last exam on June 13th (a Friday as well, just my luck right?). There may still be a few posts here and there, in fact I have a review coming soon and a post on how to revise successfully but for most of the time, there won't be much. Sorry for the absence and I'll miss you allllllll! Still leave comments as I will come on her occasionally to check up on everything. Once all my exams are over I. will. be. free. I have so so so so so much planned for the summer especially with my blog so make sure you stay tuned! Wish me luck!! 

Tosin x
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