Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Being Overly Emotional.

So, I've always been a crier. Right from when I was about seven, almost everything and anything made me cry. Now that I'm fifteen that hasn't changed. At first, I was fine with the fact that I am quite an emotional person but then I slowly began to think it might be a problem. I cry when I watch One Born Every Minute, I cry when I read a good book (even if its not supposed to be sad), I cry when I even think about the last book in the Divergent series, I cry when other people cry, I cry when I listen to too much Christina Aguilera and I even cried watching 17 Again.

My friends have gladly pointed out time and time again that this might not be normal hahaha. So two weeks ago, I challenged myself to not cry for two whole weeks in an attempt to toughen up. When I felt as if I was going to cry I either a) distracted myself with something else or b) told myself 'I don't need to cry in order to understand that the situation is emotional'. And I can happily say I think I only cried once. This week, I'm testing out my newly found toughness by reading The Fault In our Stars, a book that every single person I've asked told me made them cry. I really hope I can do this!

What makes you cry? Are you over emotional?? Let me know!

Tosin x 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Great music I've been missing out on.

School has just been so... sucky this week. My first mock exam was today and I have been revising everyday since Monday. I'm kinda tired of it but there's nothing I can do but suck it up. When I've not been revising, I've been listening to some new music. Well the music isn't exactly new (some of them are literally more than five years old) but its new to me. Seriously, I've been missing out on some great songs. I'm really growing to love these artists so I think you should check some of them out!

The XX

I have no idea where they have been all my life. Listen to; Intro, Heart Skipped a Beat, Stars and the beautiful Angels.

Mumford and Sons

I was one of those people who had always heard of  Mumford and Sons but never actually heard any of their music. Until now. I absolutely LOVE them. Listen to; White Blank Page.

Believe it or not, I had never even heard of Sia until a few weeks ago. If you know any more of her songs that you think I'll love then let me know in the comments! Listen to; Elastic Heart and Breathe Me


After hearing Royals and Tennis Court, I decided that was enough Lorde for me. I didn't bother to listen to the rest of her album which turned out to be a big mistake. One way or another I ended up hearing pretty much hearing the whole thing and I love half the songs. Listen to; 400 Lux, Still Sane and Everybody Wants to rule the World (which is actually a cover but its still great).

Give me some more awesome bands and singers I should listen to, really loving music at the moment!
This will be my last post till after the mocks so that's bye from me till the end of next week!

Tosin x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The £20 Matalan Boots.

Last week, my sister, my mum and I went to Matalan because my sister wanted to buy a coat that she had seen online. I had not been to Matalan for about a year so I'd forgotten how amazing some of their items are. We found ourselves spending more time in the shoe section than the coat section trying on every shoe that would fit. And then I found these beauty's. I had been admiring these Topshop shoes for a while now and when I saw these ones I pulled them off the shelf instantly and tried them on. They fit perfectly, were comfortable and get this, only £20! I promised my mum that I would pay her back if she would buy them for me and she did. I have never been so excited about a pair of shoes ever and I can't wait to wear these everywhere! You can find them here.

Tosin x

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Life Update and Pancakes.

Since I've not blogged for about a month or so, I thought I'd do a little life update just to let you know where I've been. The answer is: huddled behind my desk revising constantly (obviously not really constantly, I just thought I would put it there for emphasis). My GCSE exams are less than 10 weeks away (the thought still makes me a bit woozy) and my mocks are in 2 weeks so I practically have no time to myself. I have had to get organised and fast and since I have zero organisation skills, blogging seems to have slipped my mind. I decided today I would take a quick break from revising to whip up a couple of pancakes and write a little short post. I have a few more posts planned but I don't even know when I'm going to have time to finish writing them and get them up - hopefully during this week because when mocks come, I won't be anywhere near the interweb. I hope you're all enjoying life and had a couple of pancakes today to celebrate the start of lent (which reminds me I have to think of something to give up!). Have a great night!

  Tosin x
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