Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Makeup Wishlist of a Complete Novice.

I can never say that I've worn a full face of makeup. The most I've ever worn is mascara, eyeliner (not liquid pencil hehe), a slick of foundation and a bit of eye-shadow in the inner of corners of my eyes. Yep. That's as far as my expertise in face paint goes. I'm completely happy not wearing makeup, in fact at times its a complete inconvenience. I rarely even wear mascara to school. But this year, one of the many new things I want to try is wearing makeup properly. So after studying a concession of Youtube makeup videos for beginners, (mainly Beautycrush) I have compiled together a wishlist that is relatively affordable and has most of the basics. Everything is under £13 so hopefully I can actually buy bits and pieces to gradually build everything up.

8. Gold Makeup brushes 

I was going to write a paragraph about each one and why I picked them then I realised I wasn't bothered. But if you've used any of these products, let me know your personal experience! Right now, I'll appreciate any tips on make up :)

Tosin x

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Source (My edit)
I honestly cannot believe it has been a whole year since my first post. I remember when I first made a blogger account in January 2013 just so I could comment on everyone else's beautiful fashion, lifestyle and make up posts. Even though I said I would, I never really thought I'd end up starting my own blog.

Then one day when I got home from school, I had a brand new album that I wanted everyone hear I just didn't know how to get the message across. So I blogged. It was a short post that was scrambled together in about half an hour but I'm still get happy when I look back at it. A lot has changed since then, including me as a person and I feel as if blogging has been the only way to document those changes.

As of today I have over 7000 pageviews, 17 followers and 79 comments (although I'm pretty sure half of them are me replying to your lovely messages) which to me is a huge achievement. I genuinely didn't think anyone would be interested in reading my ramblings but apparently, they are! I've met some great people through blogger and read some fantastic posts, so much so, that I can't imagine life without it. (as super cheesy as it sounds!) I cannot wait to see where else blogging leads me to and I am so excited to carry on blogging for as long as I can :)

So happy first birthday to plumcherrytree!

Tosin x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

First attempt, Banoffee Pie.

Well. How long has it been since my last post on baked goods? Too long that's how long its been. I have actually been spending time in the kitchen (I've perfected cupcakes! Can now do them with eyes closed) its just a pain to try and photograph with a terrible digital camera and flour all over your hands. But when I saw Banoffee pie being made on the celebrity British Bake Off and how pretty straightforward it was, I just knew it was meant to be. Please excuse the lighting in the pictures, my ISO was acting up, sigh.

I found a really easy recipe online which you can check out for all the measurements.

I can't even begin to express how much fun it was to put the Digestives into a bag and whack them to death with a rolling pin. I probably had more fun than a normal person should. Mix in the crumbs with the butter, press into the tin and pop into the fridge. So easy, I thought there was a catch.

I really wish I could say the same for the toffee. What did I use instead of condensed milk? Evaporated. I didn't realise my mistake until I kept stirring and stirring and my toffee wasn't thickening. I knew something was off so I looked at the tin and nearly cried. I ran to the computer to see of there was still hope for my pie and luckily there was. Apparently there isn't much difference between the two but my toffee still wasn't getting thick and looked like it was starting to burn so what did I do? I chucked in a tablespoon of corn flour. Not the greatest idea as it left lumps but it worked!

 As you can see, this is where my ISO failed me. I sliced a few bananas (popping a few in my mouth as I went along) and placed them on top of the now cool toffee.

  I whipped the cream and dolloped it on top in an anyhow fashion. Fabulous.

 I grated some chocolate on the top and voila! I was done. The family loved it, I loved it, everyone on Facebook liked it. Smiles all round. I had so much fun baking this pie and I cannot wait to try out alternatives of it as this is the first Banoffee pie I've ever made and tasted. Have you ever made Banoffee pie? Ever tried it? Let me know!

Tosin x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Futspiration - Home addition #1

I've had such a crappy week. For loads reasons but the majority of it being because of school. When I came home on Friday I decided that I could either a) sulk or b) get up and do something about it. I slapped myself out of it and choose b. I needed something to cheer me up and then I remembered that I had been planning a new series for my blog : Futspiration (a genius fusion of future and inspiration hahaha). So I sat down, went on Pintrest for some inspiration and got pinning. I also discovered this beautiful song by Katy Perry so have a listen - By the Grace of God.

This new series will replace Style Icons (you can find the last post here) so will be once monthly but instead of towards the ending, it will be within the first week of a new month. I'm hoping to keep this going up until the summer when I will start a different series! So without further ado, please enjoy what I would like my future house to look like!

Home Addition Part One


For my future kitchen, I've always wanted a light and airy space. My favorite of these three pictures is definitely the first one. I especially love the size of it, its not to big or small and from the corner, I think I see a green sofa which means its probably a little bit bigger than the picture says. I also love the how the windows go all around the kitchen, the light that would pour into the kitchen on a summers day just makes me swoon. Just in case you couldn't tell from the pictures, a definite must in my kitchen is an island. I've always, always wanted one but the kitchen in  my house is too small to fit one. I preferably want one you can sit at like in the first picture, so whilst I'm cooking my family can just sit down and chill with me!

For the colour scheme, I want something very light, like the blue in the second picture. Its such a beautiful colour and goes brilliantly against with the white cupboards. I really like the island in the second picture as well because of the numerous drawers, you could really utilise the space (like putting cook books or mags in the little shelf). I also love the last picture, it may not be as light and airy as the above two but I think its just as gorgeous. I'm still debating an open plan kitchen. It looks great but like what if someone is trying to watch a movie but someone else is trying to bake and they're busy whisking away with the noisy hand mixer? And what about when I decide to full on cook? The whole living room would stink of food. Oh future problems...

Living Room

I don't want a living room thats too big so that it can still feel close and cosy but I don't want want so small that everyone has to sit on top of each other. Just like the kitchen, I want a lovely light and airy feel so definitely massive windows looking into the front of the house or garden. The second picture is my favorite because I love the fireplace; I would never be able to light it of course (useless when it comes to fire) . I love that with a fireplace you can decorate above it with whatever you like and how fab would the stockings look at Christmas?  I think the furniture in the both pictures is really cute as well.


I really like the whole composition of the corridor, I just love the way the doors open straight into it pouring light through, yes I am obsessed with light hahaha. The colours in the corridor are lovely as well. I would definitely change the decor though, not massive fan of the bust or the tall clock. The images with quotes are just ideas of what I want hanging in the entrance corridor of my house. When people first walk into my house , I want them to feel happy and loved, I want them to remember that God is there for them. As well as those, I want pictures of my whole family just hanging everywhere! 

So this was all I could be bothered to do today! I really had loads of fun doing this, on the way I found a quote that said "your dreams need you energy to make them come true" so doing this will hopefully one day be worth it! I really hoped you liked this post, if you did let me know in the comments! Let me know what ideas you have for your future or current home! 

Tosin x

I own none of the above pictures, copyright to all original authors who can be found on my Pintrest board.

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