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Style Icons - Lilly Collins.

Yay! Its Style Icons time! A little earlier than usual as well! I can't begin to express how much I love writing these posts, and I also can't express the thanks for all the positive feedback I get! I really wish I had the time do them more than once a month. But for now, please enjoy my Lilly Collins Style Icons post! 

Lilly Collins is cute, cute, cute! I've had my eye on her for a while but recently, she went around the world for a press tour of her new movie, Mortal Instruments, and I just loved pretty much every outfit she wore! I need to see that movie soon because it looks amazing.


I love this dress. I swear a whimper emerged from my mouth when I first saw it. The slight V neck line works gorgeously especially the way it hugs her shoulders. The pleated swing skirt with the black lace detail is definitely what makes this dress stand out  and the pleats give it that little extra umph. Everything else about this outfit is very simple; the minimal make up and absence of jewelry. I'm glad she didn't wear a necklace  otherwise it would have pulled my eyes away from the dress. The heels are also cute and quite. And how beautiful is that smile!

This outfit is a lot more statement and glamorous than the last and once again, lace is the 'look at me!' of this dress. The neckline is fantastic for if you have a strong collarbone and the long sleeves which I would usually say ages, work great for her. I love, love, love the way it covers her hand, its a unique aspect of the dress. The way the dress falls as it complements her shape completely. The stunning opening on the back is just the cherry on top of the cake. Hair chains were also in this summer and I love the way she pulled hair up.

This outfit is an absolute showstopper. The cut outs are daring but Lilly still manages to make it look classy. The white heels make it a wonderful all white outfit. I love that she has her hair half up and half down as it really elongates her neck. The lipstick colour is gorge; it actually reminds me of my Topshop lipstick in the shade The Damned, it's a brilliant contradictory to the white.

Dark Colours

Sigh. Lilly looks absolutely stunning. Like a modern Audery Hepburn. This dress is so unique; the quarter length bat sleeves, the leather detailing - I just love it to death. Her outfits are all just so simple with minimal jewelry and a super stylish hair do. The cheetah print heels are sooo statement and a great compliment to the black.  

Here, Lilly has gone for a more gothic look and I think she's pulled it off fantastically. Long Black Dress's are a great for this season and need very minimal accessories. Ear cuffs are also an oncoming trend, they're super chic and edgy. I love the shade of lipstick she's wearing, dark lipsticks work great for Lilly's skin tone.

I love how classic and simple this dress looks. The way cross lace panels fall across the whole dress is what really makes it stand out. The choke collar gives a little bit of edge to the classy look. Once again, her make up is minimal and she isn't wearng any jewlery.

Separate pieces 

This outfit is one my favouries. I love the whole shimmer knit look, this could acutally catch on as a trend. I love the bodycon skirt and how the top just drapes over.  The chunky chain is also a great peice to pull the whole outfit together.

Lilly looks awesome even in jeans! She jazzed up this simple all black ensemble with a super chic kimono (which I have been meaning to buy since forever) and killer glitterly heels. I love the bag and the sunglasses as well. 

And last but not least, this gorgeous outfit. Blazers are fabulous and can make any outfit look smart even shorts! I love the purse shes holding as well.

Time to create my own inspired look!

Cami, Topshop, Shorts, Topshop, Lipstick, Topshop, Heels, Asos

So thats my post! Thank you sooo soo much for all the love I get on style icon posts and I am super super sorry I couldn't fit one in at the end of last month, but I really hope you enjoyed this one! I also hit over 4000 pageviews this week!

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Because of how popular the Style Icon's posts are, I'm thinking about making a seperate page for it. Thoughts?


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  1. Shes soooo stunning!! <3

  2. I love Lily Collins - she's got such a nice sense of style and always manages to look elegant without looking dowdy!


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