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Style Icons - Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens, in my opinion, always, always gets it right.

Its that time of the month! For this Style Icons post, I've decided to do something different. Because I love Vanessa's style so much, I thought  instead of grouping her outfits according to similarities, I would talk about individual looks of hers that are my personal favorites. I have been buzzing to write this post all month, but had to wait as Style Icons usually appears in the last week of the month. So please, enjoy one of  my favorite Style Icons to date.

I have to find out where Vanessa got this jumpsuit. It is absolutely gorgeous and can be easily dressed up or down. Wear a baggy blazer like Vanessa and it instantly makes it an outfit suitable for a night out in town. I'm going to assume from the cuffs poking out of the end of the blazer that is a long sleeved jumpsuit, so you can dress it down with a dark pair of ankle boots, a shopper and your hair up. I must admit I'm not a massive fan of the heels she's wearing but I still love the outfit. A dark lipstick is also a must. 

How cute does she look here? High waisted maxi skirts are definitely in this summer and if you have an amazing stomach like Vanessa then showing off your midriff by wearing a crop top isn't even a choice. I love this crop top because of the cool netting pattern and the big billowy skirt just adds to the appeal. I am also seriously digging the wedges. She keeps this outfit simple with minimal jewelry.

When I saw this dress on a Dailymail article a few month back, I went on a desperate online search in a bid to find this dress or at least something similar but to no avail *sad face* I love it so much and it pretty much compliments itself; the pattern is gorgeous as are the cutouts and wedges. The plait hairstyle is fab and so are her sunglasses. I must admit, I am really loving Vanessa Hudgens 2013 style, she never really used to catch my eye before.

Vanessa looks unbelievably chic in this outfit. The flower pattern on the gathered skirt is simple and the length is modest. High neck crop tops are again, another must this summer. She carried on with the simple tone by wearing a pair of plain white flats and pulling her hair into a high ponytail. 

Again with the high waisted maxi skirt and crop top, except this is much more casual. I love that this one is floor length and the frills on the sleeves are super cute. Statement jewelry completes any bohemian and Vanessa's shark tooth necklace is clearly unique.

This dress is hot hot hot! It makes Vanessa look like a greek goddess. That pattern is so elaborate that you literally need  nothing but a pair of earrings and maybe the odd ring with this dress. The heels are classic and simple and the hair braid is an awesome idea especially if your hair is ombre or dip-dyed.

This is one of Vanessa more casual/relaxed looks; a pair of loose jeans with a vest top and an open denim top. It looks amazingly stylish for something so simple thanks to the hat and colour block heels

And here are a few outfits I just couldn't leave out! 

 Well thats that! Time to create my own Vanessa Hudgens inspired look! Now, being the stalker I am, I know that Vanessa shops at this awesome bohemian shop Planet Blue, so I've gone to have a little look over there!

Dress, Planet Blue, Bag, Planet Blue, Shoes, Planet Blue, 1st ring, Topshop, 2nd ring, Topshop, Necklace, Black Pearl

Planet Blue is a little bit pricey (who am I kidding, I could never buy anything from there) but I still love all of there items. How was everybody's day? Mine was alright apart from the fact that my Twitter isn't working!! I haven't been able to check it all day! Getting full-blown withdrawal symptoms!

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  1. I really love Vanessa's style. This such a great post! She looks lovely in every photo!

    1. She does doesn't she? Thanks for dropping off a comment Charlotte :)

  2. loooove vanessa hudgens' style!
    she's been one of my style icons since her high school musical days!
    i do a similar series on my blog called "give me your clothes".
    you can check it out here if you'd like -



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