Friday, 31 May 2013

Style Icons - Amber Heard.

It really is no fair for a person to be as beautiful as Amber Heard is.

I'm not going to lie, a huge part of the reasons why she is one of my style icons is because she is drop dead gorgeous. Like stunning, total envy. That aside, I love every single one of her outfits. I don't know whether she has a stylist, if she doesn't then I applaud her. Prepare to be bombarded with a bucket load of pictures.  

I'm going to start with her red carpet items. I'm starting with this because I love her everyday/casual outfits more than red carpet events. This dress. This dress is amazing. The colour does it for me. It is a beautiful red. And I'm loving the the sheer detail that runs around the arms, along the chest and down the V of her chest. I think it goes down the thighs as well. All in All, it is breathtaking. There is not many red carpet looks I love on her, in fact this is probably the only one.

This is the first casual outfit I love on her. All black. How does she manage to make all black look so chic? I can only wish I looked this good in black. And I love her bag! 

I think i'm more into ankle boots because of her. How gorgeous does she look in just a pair of jeans and a slightly over-sized, rolled up jumper?

Another thing with Amber is that her style is so diverse. I would call this little collection of three different outfits more dressy casual. I love the cardigan she is wearing in the first outfit and the skirt in the last one. Doesn't she look like she just stepped out of the 1940's?  It's like vintage chic. I also envy her choice of sunglasses in every outfit.

This is Amber's more relaxed style. In each picture its either a maxi dress on skirt and think it is very befitting on her.

And how smart does she looks in this pantsuit? The red velvet shoes are gorgeous! 

I could spend agggggess posting a ton more pictures but it's time to move on LoL. Here is my casual inspired look.
Jumper, Topshop, Jeans, Topshop, Boots, Topshop

Here are  a few random outfits I couldn't bare to leave out!

Last question, do you prefer her blonde or brunette? I'm not sure...

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

'When life gives you bananas, you can't make juice.'

But you can make banana cake.

This weekend, I baked the another cake out of the recipe book my mum bought me. The banana cake is a simple recipe which I'm sure you can find online and adapt to your own taste. I added some left over chocolate chips I had lying around. It was a very soft yet chewy texture and I really enjoyed. I think its a bit like Marmite though, you either love it or hate it, as I learned from members of my family who tried the cake.

Have you ever tried banana cake? Do you love or hate it? Let me know!


Quote from Goodreads: Yang Mushu 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Latest Obsessions #1.

I am super sorry for the lack of posts. I have had the busiest two weeks of my life. As I am now on half-term, I have enough time to post two,  or hopefully three posts this week. I've found enough time to write this post today, I've been wanting to write this for ages. This is everything I have been obsessed with the past two months or so and I mean completely and utterly obsessed! 

Lana Del Rey. 

This has to be number one. I have no idea where it came from but I have an immense amount of love for this woman. Her lyrics soothe me; I feel calmer, happier and like nothing else matters just for four or five minutes.  I'm sure I've heard every song written by her. I don't go a day without listening to at least one of Lana's songs. I must, must, must see her in concert at some point in my life. My favorites by her include, Ride (you have to hear her monologue at the beginning of this song, it's beautiful), Young and Beautiful, American, Yayo and Burning Desire.  

Fruit and Nut/Trail mix.

Is it bad to eat to much of this? If it is, someone please let me know because I cannot get enough of the stuff. My mum bought it one day and that was it; I was hooked. I'm so into this snack that I find myself eating it subconsciously. I'm nibbling on it right now! I think my mum gets it from Lidl. I'm not sure whats in it, but its taste sooo good.


I lay awake at night thinking of this novel by Josephine Angelini. I can't even begin to express how much I love this series. The third one came in the post today and I'm planning on writing a post about it and just reading in general in the near future, so I'll save most of the excitement for then [Click here to go to it now!]. If you are a Greek mythology fan then this is a must read.


I have always loved to bake but since my mum bought me this cake book, I've been baking every Saturday. I love trying new things and just a few hours in the kitchen elbow deep in flour makes me smile. I got a small blister on my hand from mixing so hard! Today I baked Banana Cake it was delicious, there will be a post on it in a few weeks.

This guy that gets on my bus.

I don't know his name. I don't actually know who he is, all I know is that he is hot. My obsession with him is getting borderline creepy. I know what times and days he gets the bus, where he sits on the bus and who he gets the bus with. If I'm not careful, I'm going to obtain a restraining  order. 

What have you been obsessed with lately? 


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Topshop polishes.

Look what I've gone and done. I've spent ten pounds on two nail polishes. Ten pounds. Again with the impulse buying! And this wasn't even on sale! 

I loooove this colour. Celestial. It's quite neutral so I'm hoping it goes with most things.

I once again loooooove this colour. And the name; Carnival, very befitting. This is quite bold, so unlike the blue, won't go with most things. I don't mind though, I'm sure I can make it work.

Well, that was my pocket money for the week gone before my eyes. The funny thing was, I didn't realize how expensive they were as there was no price tag so I picked up about five and went to the checkout before the cashier told me the price! 

Unfortunately, there won't be any posts next week as I have two exams and haven't scheduled any. But everything will be back to normal week after that. Hope you have a great Saturday!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How not to spend your money.

I thought I'd try a different kind of post today. 

As a fourteen year old, I am constantly strapped for cash. For pocket/dinner money I usually get ten pounds a week from my Dad. A meal at my school is two pounds, so two pounds for everyday of the week. After a while, it became apparent that if I didn't want to, I didn't have to spend the money on lunch. So I began saving up, but as I saved, I spent. I was useless! I would reach thirty or forty pounds and then splash it all during the weekend or at half term. But now, its gotten much worse. As much as I try, I no longer save. Apart from the odd ninety or so pounds in my debit card (which I have forbidden myself to touch as I am saving up for this camera) I currently have zero pounds to my name. I still do get my ten pounds a week but I always spend it within that week. So I have compiled a list, in hope to stop others from repeating my own recurring mistakes, of what not to spend your money on.  (Certainly not as toilet paper, that's for sure.)

1.  Cheap, greasy breakfast.
The days that I wake up a little later than usual, I skip breakfast. When I skip breakfast, I literally cannot make it through the day. I really do wish I was exaggerating. The cafe three minutes away from my school sells these delicious burgers ranging from £1 to £2 max. Put one and two together and you get me, sitting by the cafe window scoffing down a cheeseburger. I need to put this money-eating habit into check ASAP.

2. Expensive Water. 
I don't know why on earth I do this, but I have successfully convinced myself that there is the biggest difference in the world from a bottle of water that costs 30p and the exact same amount of water that costs £2.50. I'm sure there is some type of difference but probably not significant enough for me to spend so much for water. Water. 

3. Rent-for-a-week Library DVD's    
As a book manic, I am almost always at the library. Whilst looking for a good teen romance story, I always happen to pass by the DVD section. To rent a DVD is £1 - £2 maximum if it's a new release. So of course, instead of borrowing a book, a lot of the time I end up borrowing a movie. *Sigh* If only there was a way to the teen romance section that didn't include passing by the DVD's.    

4. Impulse Shopping 
If there is a sale at a clothing retailer, let's say Forever 21, I will buy something, even if I don't need it. "Oh my giddy goodness, original price £20, sale price, £9; I don't care, I need this."
A few hours later, I will look at what I've just bought and think, what was I thinking? The unfortunate thing about this situation is that pretty much every single clothing shop does not refund sale items.

5.  The Gym
During the summer of last year, I signed up for a pay-as-you-go gym card. It costs £3 per two hour session. The problem is, I don't go often enough, so when I do choose to go I don't follow it up with a healthy diet or continuous exercise so I'll end up wasting £3 at the gym and then eating a massive slice of chocolate cake about an hour afterwards. Very unproductive Tosin. 

To try and solve these small issues I've decided to start budgeting and writing down everything I spend money on.

What little things do you tend to waste money on?     


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Oatmeal Mask for Acne-Prone Skin.

A couple of weeks back, a friends of mine was talking to me about homemade face masks and how she once tried the Oatmeal and onion one for pimples. She gets the occasional breakout of acne as do I so I thought I'd search it up and give it a try. I found an easy to follow step by step online

Pour 1/4 of a cup of boiling water over the oatmeal and let it soak for about five minutes.
Oatmeal contains healthy fats. When they come into contact with your skin, these fats help to add moisture to soften and repair your skin.

Make a smooth puree of the onion in a food processor. Onions, because of their antimicrobial properties, work great on skin and can help prevent acne scarring. The onion also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

Add the onion and honey to the mix while it's still warm. Stir it and spread over your face and leave for ten minutes. If it's not thick enough, like mine and more honey. Honey is a fantastic moisturizer, it protects against damage and it promotes wound healing.

If you try this, let me know! 

There was no blog post last Saturday, this is usually a guaranteed day and will be from now on. I'm going to try to get them all scheduled in advance so they go up at twelve. I also write one post during the week, usually Tuesdays!

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