Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Coffee and Sugar facial scrub

The ground floor of my school flooded today! That means I get to post this early!  

I don't want to do an exact copy of  Scribbles of Valerie's post, but I had to try out this facial scrub as I am definitely in need of something new to cleanse my face. All the ingredients are things that are generally in a house and if not easy to find and buy! 

Cane Sugar

 Olive oil

Mine was a bit to runny though; Valerie's definitely looked better. I rinsed my face with lukewarm water before gently rubbing the scrub on my face and after rinsing it off, my face instantly felt softer. It was great to try out and I will certainly be using this recipe again. To find out more about how to make it, go to Valerie's blog! She is one of my favorite bloggers! The link is on her name.
Will you try this out?


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"Have a little heart for the man on the street"

The Robbie Boyd Band.

I am a genuine lover of folk type, indie/pop music and enjoy music from the likes ofLianne La Havas to First Aid Kit so was thrilled early today when I heard that my
school had arranged for Robbie Boyd from The Robbie Boyd Band to perform in an hour long assembly. Robbie had a contagious smile and an awesome hat that had me excited before he even picked up his (also awesome) guitar. I melted when he began to sing When I Believe (which I have decided is my favorite song of their's) as the lovely lyrics reminded me of a wonderful summer's day and all the happy warm-ness of love (yes I know, completely cheesy). 

He continued by talking to us about peer pressure within drugs, smoking and alcohol, the consequences of the three and how to avoid certain situations. It was a great assembly which he ended with cover's to Somewhere over the rainbow and Imagine, two songs which I absolutely adore. On sale afterward was the band's debut EP Autumn's Flown and their second one Spring Generation but I had no money one me! Luckily the line to meet him was quite a long one so I ran to the high street, found an ATM and ran back down to school in time to buy both and get them signed

I love them both and will definitely be looking out for future gigs!
P.S First blog!!


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