Tuesday, 16 December 2014

All I want for Christmas...

Its been quite a while since I created a wishlist and since we're so close to Christmas, I thought it was about due time for a new one. This is everything that I've had my eye on lately and I'd be greatful to get even one of them for Christmas. 1. I only own dark lipstick shades and I've been searching for a nude that I can wear a bit casually. I stumbled across this one in Tesco last week and fell in love with it. 2. Everyone owns a co-ord but me! You can find this gorgeous one on Asos. 4. If you didn't already know I am obsessed with The Mindy Project and when I found this jumper on Etsy, I completely fangirled. 5. Looking at my shoe collection, I don't own any versatile trainers - expect my converses which I don't really think counts. These Nikes are beautiful and after seeing them on everyone, I really would love a pair.



  1. I adore your post title, reminds me of Mariah Carey`s Christmas hit. I wish your list will come true

    would you like to follow each other? Let me know


  2. That co-ord is gorgeous! Lovely blog too :) x


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