Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Zoo.

I visited The London Zoo almost a month ago and I took over a gazillion pictures. I kept saying I would write a post about it but have been too lazy to sort through all the pictures and select the best ones to write about. But today, I've made a bit of time to talk about the trip and how much fun I had. Get ready for a picture heavy post!
My favorite from the day!
I just had the bests day ever! This is only the second time I have ever been to the Zoo and I was like a little excited child. My favorite animals were definitely the penguins and lions. I cannot be bothered to write anymore so I hope you enjoyed this post which is basically all pictures!

Tosin x

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  1. i love the first photo! reminds me so much of the starfish from finding nemo! lol :) x


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