Thursday, 9 October 2014

I'm back | Thankful Thursday

September was a difficult month to get through. So much in my life was changing so rapidly and my brain didn't know how to process all the change so it shut down ( not literally haha). I tried my best to drag myself through last month and i'm glad to say I survived! I'd also like to apologise for being so absent from my little space on the internet; hopefully, I'll be blogging at lot more frequently.

Todays post is inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Lisette Loves. Every Thursday, she writes a post about her week and everything she's thankful for. Reading her posts makes me take a step back and think about recent events in a different light; instead of seeing the worst of situations, I've started to find the best and be thankful for them. This week, I'm thankful for:

Finding the above picture (I love it so much)

Having a chance to watch Scottsboro boys at the Garrick (outstanding performance!)

Also getting to watch a performance of Dirty Butterfly at the Young Vic

The super kind guy who gave me his train ticket at the station

Being offered a trial shift at TGI Friday's

I'm thankful to my mum for buying me a Chinese takeout on Sunday

Scoring way more than I expected in my first Psychology exam

Buying tickets to go the Zoo on Saturday (my level of excitement is palpable, seriously)

And another little secret that I can't tell just yet! (Its actually killing me)

Tosin x

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  1. i know how you feel, life is kicking me at the moment but i'm fighting through! sometimes you just need time off to recharge.

    becky ::


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