Thursday, 23 October 2014


After hearing so much about Byron Burgers, I knew that at one point I had to visit the famous restaurant so when visiting the Zoo least week, Masite and I discovered one quite close by in Camden. The atmosphere was fantastic as was the serving staff. Not so long ago, I watched one of Patricia Bright's vlogs were she mentioned how great the mac and cheese was so I knew I had to order it as well as fries on the side. For my burger, I ordered a well done cheese burger without red onions. 

I have to say that Byron Burgers definitely lived up to my expectations. The value for food is amazing as was the food itself. The fries were soooo good that I had to stop myself from ordering a second bowl. The mac and cheese was also delicious. The one down side was that the burger wasn't really anything special but I am still on the hunt for the best burger in London.

Tosin x


  1. Omdais, the food looks soo delicious!

  2. Oh myyy, I honestly think I would self-combust instantly out of sheer excitment if I went in there :')
    Looks so so nice and the food loooks ahh deliciouss! xoxo
    Other Infinities

  3. Lovely post...

  4. ohhh so delicious !
    please visit me in free time:)


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