Friday, 13 June 2014

A Celebratory Dirty Burger.

Finally. I've finished with exams! Completely and utterly finished every single one of my GCSE's and I've never felt more free. I have so much planned for the summer including a trip to Brighton, my prom and completing my national citizens service and I can't wait to share it all with you. I am literally buzzing. To celebrate the end of exams my friend I decided to go and eat at Dirty Burger in Whitechapel after reading about in Carrie's (wishwishwish) post. It's a beautiful day today and I'm glad I spent it outside after being copped up in an exam hall for a month and a half.

Walking past, we almost missed the restaurant! From a first glance, you wouldn't know it was one. The place is so unique with amazing decor and fantastic music playing in the background. The menu's even on the wall. There wasn't much on it, but the burgers sounded delicious. I order a cheese burger with fresh lemonade (which was sooo sour) and crinkle cut fries. The entire meal was with us in less than ten minutes and our waiter was super friendly. I will defintley be visiting again, make sure you check them out if you're near.

Can't wait to post all summer! p.s I always feel really weird when I'm taking pictures in a restaurant, am I the only one? Hahaha. 


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