Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Life Update and Pancakes.

Since I've not blogged for about a month or so, I thought I'd do a little life update just to let you know where I've been. The answer is: huddled behind my desk revising constantly (obviously not really constantly, I just thought I would put it there for emphasis). My GCSE exams are less than 10 weeks away (the thought still makes me a bit woozy) and my mocks are in 2 weeks so I practically have no time to myself. I have had to get organised and fast and since I have zero organisation skills, blogging seems to have slipped my mind. I decided today I would take a quick break from revising to whip up a couple of pancakes and write a little short post. I have a few more posts planned but I don't even know when I'm going to have time to finish writing them and get them up - hopefully during this week because when mocks come, I won't be anywhere near the interweb. I hope you're all enjoying life and had a couple of pancakes today to celebrate the start of lent (which reminds me I have to think of something to give up!). Have a great night!

  Tosin x

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