Friday, 14 March 2014

Great music I've been missing out on.

School has just been so... sucky this week. My first mock exam was today and I have been revising everyday since Monday. I'm kinda tired of it but there's nothing I can do but suck it up. When I've not been revising, I've been listening to some new music. Well the music isn't exactly new (some of them are literally more than five years old) but its new to me. Seriously, I've been missing out on some great songs. I'm really growing to love these artists so I think you should check some of them out!

The XX

I have no idea where they have been all my life. Listen to; Intro, Heart Skipped a Beat, Stars and the beautiful Angels.

Mumford and Sons

I was one of those people who had always heard of  Mumford and Sons but never actually heard any of their music. Until now. I absolutely LOVE them. Listen to; White Blank Page.

Believe it or not, I had never even heard of Sia until a few weeks ago. If you know any more of her songs that you think I'll love then let me know in the comments! Listen to; Elastic Heart and Breathe Me


After hearing Royals and Tennis Court, I decided that was enough Lorde for me. I didn't bother to listen to the rest of her album which turned out to be a big mistake. One way or another I ended up hearing pretty much hearing the whole thing and I love half the songs. Listen to; 400 Lux, Still Sane and Everybody Wants to rule the World (which is actually a cover but its still great).

Give me some more awesome bands and singers I should listen to, really loving music at the moment!
This will be my last post till after the mocks so that's bye from me till the end of next week!

Tosin x


  1. great music choices! love Lorde! :) x

  2. I never looked into Lorde after royals got completely overplayed but this made me try out 400 lux, and i was so surprised at how good it was! so thanks


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