Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Being Overly Emotional.

So, I've always been a crier. Right from when I was about seven, almost everything and anything made me cry. Now that I'm fifteen that hasn't changed. At first, I was fine with the fact that I am quite an emotional person but then I slowly began to think it might be a problem. I cry when I watch One Born Every Minute, I cry when I read a good book (even if its not supposed to be sad), I cry when I even think about the last book in the Divergent series, I cry when other people cry, I cry when I listen to too much Christina Aguilera and I even cried watching 17 Again.

My friends have gladly pointed out time and time again that this might not be normal hahaha. So two weeks ago, I challenged myself to not cry for two whole weeks in an attempt to toughen up. When I felt as if I was going to cry I either a) distracted myself with something else or b) told myself 'I don't need to cry in order to understand that the situation is emotional'. And I can happily say I think I only cried once. This week, I'm testing out my newly found toughness by reading The Fault In our Stars, a book that every single person I've asked told me made them cry. I really hope I can do this!

What makes you cry? Are you over emotional?? Let me know!

Tosin x 


  1. that actually seems like a good idea, I feel like I cry over the littlest things, I'm so over emotional sometimes, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend wants to run away from me most of the time hahahha, what star sign are you? x

  2. Ah, I understand how you must feel. I never was a crier until, like, now in my 20's. I have definitely cried more in my 20s than ever but I think it's mostly because of so many life changes and stuff. I mainly cry when I'm feeling sensitive or when I see those commercials of animals on TV, or just random heartbreaking stuff. I don't cry much with books. I try to hide when I want to cry, mostly cry alone but on those awkward moments when I feel like crying and if someone says anything to me (like "are you okay?"), I'll burst into tears, haha


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