Thursday, 6 February 2014


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I honestly cannot believe it has been a whole year since my first post. I remember when I first made a blogger account in January 2013 just so I could comment on everyone else's beautiful fashion, lifestyle and make up posts. Even though I said I would, I never really thought I'd end up starting my own blog.

Then one day when I got home from school, I had a brand new album that I wanted everyone hear I just didn't know how to get the message across. So I blogged. It was a short post that was scrambled together in about half an hour but I'm still get happy when I look back at it. A lot has changed since then, including me as a person and I feel as if blogging has been the only way to document those changes.

As of today I have over 7000 pageviews, 17 followers and 79 comments (although I'm pretty sure half of them are me replying to your lovely messages) which to me is a huge achievement. I genuinely didn't think anyone would be interested in reading my ramblings but apparently, they are! I've met some great people through blogger and read some fantastic posts, so much so, that I can't imagine life without it. (as super cheesy as it sounds!) I cannot wait to see where else blogging leads me to and I am so excited to carry on blogging for as long as I can :)

So happy first birthday to plumcherrytree!

Tosin x


  1. congrats!! :)

  2. Well done Tosin, Loving your new profile picture too. you look so pretty! x


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