Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Move over Lana, Artic Monkeys are here.


Yes, I know I am extremely behind on the band wagon. Arctic Monkeys have been around since what, 2002? And here I am discovering their greatness like 11 years later. *Sigh* Tosin, at least try and keep up. If you didn't know before, the leading music lady of my life was the wonderful Lana Del Rey. Hint, hint was. I've been listening to Arctic Monkeys non stop since AM came out.  I can now officially say they are my absolute favorite four piece band (in fact they are the only band I listen to). I'm pretty sure most normal people knew about them (or at least of them) so if you do listen to them, just comment me your favorite song of theirs cause I would absolutely love to know.



  1. Tosin! I have been following the arctic monkeys since I was around 12. I was IN LOVE with alex turner and then I was obsessed with Alexa Chung (his then gf). I was a total stalker, even painting them! hahaha. I am so glad you like them, their new album is immense so much better that their previous. My favourite song is I Wanna Be Yours, the line in particular 'I wanna be your lecky metre'. You should definitely check out their first album, so good. Cant beat classic alex turner, he has a voice like chocolate. Check out the 1975 too! And george ezra! you might like them!

    Anyway.. I got a bit over excited when i seen this post. haha


    1. Yes, I'm a slow poke Meg! I loooooove I Wanna Be Yours, I've heard a few songs off their first album but will definitely listen to the whole thing. And will also listen to The 1875 and George Erza!


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