Saturday, 18 January 2014

January Sales Mini Haul.

This year, I didn't feel like boxing day shopping. So a few days after Christmas the family and I popped down to Lakeland and spent the day there. Surprisingly, I found quite a few items (definitely feel as though my attitude to shopping is improving) so I thought I'd share them with you, as you do.

My sister actually picked out these silver lead earrings for me when she spotted them in Primark. Truth be told, they weren't actually on sale but since the only other earrings I own were lighting bolts, I thought I'd buy them anyway. I love them so much, I wear them with literally all of my outfits now.

Every single blogger but me had one so it was inevitable that I was going to buy this gorgeous floral headband the minute I saw it. Unlike the earrings, this headband was on sale at £1.00 for £2.50. Ahh good ol' Primark. I can't wait to dress up proper girly and rock this headband.

This is my favorite pick from what I bought in Primark. I thought it was jumper when I first saw it put then I pulled it out of the racks and saw it was a jumper dress! I've always wanted one but I've never found one I really like. And at £12 (again it wasn't on sale hahaha) I knew this was perfect. I especially love the collar, this would look great with a some thick tights and boots.

My next stop was River Island which I never ever usually shop in but my mum had a voucher for it so we thought we'd check it out. Pretty much everything in the entire shop was on sale. I found these trousers on one of the first rails I looked through and fell in love with them instantly. They were on a massive discount at £10 from £35!

The whole shopping trip, I was looking for a navy/blue coat just because I had been fancying one for a while now. When I was in Primark, I thought I had found the perfect one because it was on sale for £15 but when I wore it, it was way to big and they had no smaller sizes. When I went into Topshop, I once again thought I'd found the perfect one but when I tried it, it was too short for my liking. I nearly gave up when we went into River Island and I spotted this one. It was perfect (for reals this time lol). Perfect length, perfect size, it even felt amazingly comfortable. And the best part? On sale from £70 to £35. We have been inseparable since.

Did you pick up anything nice in the sales recently? 



  1. lovely pieces you have picked out, I absolutely adore the blue coat. One of my favourite colours. Big fan of the trousers too, I love bright trousers as they really stand out. Love your blog so much, now following on gfc!


    1. Thanks for leaving such a kind comment Kassie!

  2. That Primark dress is really nice, love the collar
    Daniella x

  3. Love the flower headband!

  4. absolutely love your sale purchases! that blue blazer is so grogeous, i managed to get my hands on a similar one from topshop for such a bargain! ah sales are the best

  5. Love those trousers and the colour of the coat is amazing! A floral garland headband is alwaya a good addition! Great picks

    Eve & Faye x
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