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Style Icon of 2013 - Kate Middleton.

Its here, the last Style Icon post of the year. I couldn't be prouder of this series. Not only is it one of the most consistent thing I've ever done (ignoring the one month I missed), these posts are also the most popular on my blog. This will be my 9th one and I'm still debating whether to finish up the series here or do a 10th and final one in January. Nine feels like an odd number but I'm thinking of starting a new series and what better time than the first month of the year? I'm still not sure yet. And this will be my last post of 2013 so I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

So my Style Icon of the year is the beautiful Kate Middleton. I have never seen a woman dress so gracious not only in general but throughout a pregnancy as well. I hope I look as great as she does in maternity wear.

This dress is my favorite that shes worn this year. I love the pale blue its such and elegant and soft colour to wear. Its a beautifully demure dress with the high neck and the length that just brushes the knees. I also love that at certain angles such as the picture in the middle the dresses loose pleats show. I think its a fantastic maternity dress because the material quenches just above the belly. Kate wore a pair of grey heels just to keep everything simple and went with her trusty half up, half down hairstyle.

Kate was way ahead of the trend here with her soft pink coat! I love these kind of coats and have been dying to get one myself. The creamy pink dress she is wearing is very simple and a decent length for a pregnant woman as her belly isn't making the dress fly up. Keeping with the colour scheme, Kate has a small cream clutch and is wearing one of her favorite LK Bennett heels.

How super cute does she look here? And get this, her dress is from Topshop! And not from the maternity section either so you don't have to be expecting to copy this look. I absolutely love the Polka dots on Kate they look really cool on her. The short cut blazer that she wears on top makes the dress great for a smart casual occasion but you could always dress it down with a cardigan. The small black clutch with the bow is really cute as well. She's worn these small earrings and kept her hair in loose curls.

This simple black dress with a white peter pan collar that Kate is wearing in the early stages of her pregnancy is also from Topshop. Its such a simple dress that too many accessories would just feel a bit crowded so Kate has worn similar earrings to ones above. I absolutely adore the coat that shes wearing on top of the dress because of the way the collar pokes out on top. The way the coat splits at the bottom looks awesome as well. Her hair is mostly straight throughout with a few curls added at the end.

Here, Kate is at a much more formal event so has really gone for the wow factor. This dress is absolutely gorgeous; I love the high neck and long sleeves and that thigh high split makes her look hot hot hot! The colour of the dress isn't too in your face which makes its even more elegant. The Jimmy Choo heels are also a fabulous change from the usual heels Kate wears. From what I can make out the clutch she is holding is glittery which adds even more glamour to the look. Her hair looks great but I think I would have preferred something a little different.  

This dress is again another one for a more formal event. I love the pale grey-purpleish colour as its nice and soft. I realsised that if Catherine is wearing colours, they're usually very soft. The design of the dress is super cool, I love the folds in the top half of the dress and the belt in the center. And the ripped effect at the top of the dress also makes it very interesting. I'm not sure but I think the clutch she is holding here is the same as in the outfit above, so that means its definitely glittery. Her heels match the colour of her dress in this picture and her hair looks awesome when its up in a bun.

Time for my own Kate Middleton inspired look!

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  1. I love her style too - that polka dot dress especially. She always looks so classy and elegant, yet young! I"ll be having a peep at your other style icon posts :) x

  2. Kate is seriously gorgeous and super stylish. She's one of my favorite people right now. I have never followed the royals but Kate is just so refreshing and relatable. I love her class and the fact that she's not afraid to wear jeans and play sports. :)


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