Saturday, 30 November 2013

Style Icons - Allison Williams

I've had my eye on Allison Williams for a while, I knew I wanted her to be one of my style icons at some point and I've finally gotten round to her. Most people know her from the tv show Girls. I don't actually watch Girls, I'm just happened to stumble across her one day on Dailymail. Ever since, I press on all her articles just so I can see what she is wearing. I love her style and I hope you do as well! 

This dress is a beautiful statement. You can never go wrong with black and the styling of this dress is so simple and I love how the high halter neck drapes down the back. Its great that shes worn minimal makeup and jewelry, this means all focus is on the dress which it should be! If you're going to wear a high halterneck, you're hair definitely has to be up . 

   This is one of my favorite outfits of Allison's. I can only wish I could pull off something as sleek as white trousers. Once again, she's kept this very simple, no jewelry and demure make up look. The jacket is absolutely gorgeous. I love how vibrant and bold it is, a complete contrast to the pale colours that are the current trend. I would say this is a more of a summer night look, with the wedges as well.

 How beautiful does she look here? I love this Valentino dress; the light colour, the embroidery and the cap sleeves, its beautiful. She gone for a bit more make up on but its still pretty basic. She has still kept the jewelry minimal with the beautiful statement earrings and and chunky ring on her finger. 

  Allison's gone a little bit bolder here, and I love it. The sheer panels on the shoulder of the over-sized white shirt match the sheer panels of the skirt fantastically. I love the material and shape of the skirt, its very chic sixties. The shoes are super cute and the red lipstick shes wearing really makes the whole look pop out. 

This is without a doubt, my favorite of all of Allison's outfits. I love the high neck and long sleeves and the netting pattern that goes through the dress is beautiful! Her hair looks super cool and the shoes are perfect. And how hot are her legs?!   

 Allison looks super sophisticated in this baby blue mini dress. It really brings out the blue of her eyes. The style of the dress is once again very effortless and I love Allison's style just because of the simplicity. 

Now time to create my own Allison inspired look! 

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  1. I've never heard of her but she's got some serios style.



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