Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Topshop Personal Shopping Experience.

Last week Thursday me and my beautiful friend Masite, made our way to Topshop for our Personal Shopping appointment. When I found out about Topshop's Personal Shopping, my first thought was that it would be an awesome birthday treat. Masite's birthday was in October so I had plenty of time to save up. I knew it would be the perfect gift for her because she never treats herself; she'd rather buy something for her mum instead. It took forever to book an appointment, because its a free service dates where almost impossible to find. The personal shoppers were lovely throughout the booking process, trying their very best to find a date that would suit us. When we finally got one, we were over the moon. Since the appointment was really early in the morning, I made sure to pick my outfit out the night before. The skirt I'm wearing is from Topshop, the top from Primark  and the boots were bought in this cute little shoe shop close to where I live. The lighting bolt earrings are my absolute favorite earrings ever; my sister bought them for me on sale in New Look. My nail polish is also from Topshop. 

Once we got there, we were sat in the cute little waiting area while they just finished getting our room ready.  The art work on the wall was gorgeous and they had a little television screen showing off their latest collections. I absolutely loved the couch and the pillows so I got comfy and grabbed a Vogue magazine to read. They offered us a cup of tea or a glass of water, and I of course opted for the tea because I am obsessed. We only waited for about five minutes before we were introduced to our personal shoppers and taken to a room. It was all ver ver exciting!

Masite We had so much fun trying on the clothes, goofing around and taking pictures, we loved almost everything on the racks and just could not decide which ones we wanted to buy. Occasionally, the personal shoppers would pop in and give us a little advice. After the hour we sat down and finally picked the pink jumper with the denim skater skirt, the black jersey skirt, the white jumper with the stud detail and the gorgeous blue dress.

We took to the clothes to the personal shopping checkout (no cue!) and while we payed the clothes were being wrapped up and put in this fabulous bag. We had the best time ever and our personal shoppers were wonderful and incredibly helpful. Now I wished I booked for both of us! It is something I definitely have to do again and I recommend it as well. You will honestly have the time of your life, its way better than just ordinary shopping. There is no fuss, the clothes are all there and you can just take your time in a relaxed environment.

After all that shopping, we popped into Giraffe, one of my favorite places to eat. 

Have you ever tried Personal Shopping? If you have let me know in the comments! Have a great evening. 



  1. i haven't heard of this sort of service jusut yet! but aw wow sounds like so much fun and your outfits look good!

  2. ahh seems like such a fun day!
    The food looks delicious <3
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  3. such a lovely post! plus all the food looks amazing!

    from helen at

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  4. I've always been intrigued by topshop's personal shopping service! This was a great insight in to what the service entails. How long does the session last? The clothes they picked out are great, i'd find it difficult to choose too! x

    1. It's an hour per a person, maximum people is four. Since it wasn't both of us trying on the clothes, the appointment was an hour but if you go over time, they don't rush you or anything which is great! Thanks for leaving a comment Sarah, I lurrrrvvvee your blog x

  5. what a lovely birthday gift!
    i'm not sure if the topshop here has personal shopping but i'll lookinto it.
    could be a fun experience!


  6. This looks so awesome, I definitely want to try it and what a great gift!

  7. I'm so jealous I need my own personal shopper experience....

  8. wow lovely outfits and you have a really nice blog
    would you like us to follow each other with GFC


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