Thursday, 31 October 2013

Skincare Update August - October.

Hellooooo there! A few months ago, I went on a shopping trip that lead to this massive haul. I spent the most in Boots, buying all sorts of skincare products and I promised I would do a follow up on them, so here it is.

Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask
By far, this is my favorite out all of the skincare products I bought. I've been using it twice a week every week since I bought it and the results are amazing. Not only do you wake up actually felling refreshed but my skin has significantly improved. I have quite dry skin on my face and this has helped reduce flakiness. I love putting it on my face as it also smells fantastic. I would say that it is definitely worth the price, as I'm nowhere near finishing the bottle; you only need a blob the size of the tip of your index finger to cover your whole face. I love this so much that I have to go back to Boots and try other Origin products. I hope this lasts me another couple of months.

Garnier Pure Active gentle deep clean cream wash
This was a bargain buy as it was on sale the day I bought it. I had never tried Garnier products before so I thought I'd give it a go. This face wash had me at the words 'gentle' and 'cream'. I love anything that is soft on my skin and this is just that. It does exactly what it says on the bottle - unclogs you pore and it really is great for sensitive skin. I've used this pretty much everyday, twice a day since the end of August and it is the perfect face wash for me. I only just finished the bottle today so I would say that it lasted for a decent length of time considering how much I used this. If you've been contemplating buying this, definitely do so!

Nivea pure and natural soothing day cream
I'm sorry but I hated, this face cream. I bought it in store that day because I had looked at it online and thought it was exactly what I needed. I needed something that was moisturising but not thick and heavy, and something that was for dry skin. So when I saw it I was like, perfect! But my goodness, the cream is to thick and absolutely stinks. It smells so so bad, like rotten eggs, uhh I'm shivering now, remembering the smell.I just could not bring myself to put it on my face because it just made me gag. This isn't a great review, but I just couldn't bring myself to use it long enough to say anything decent about it.

Nivea facial cleansing wipes
Ok, Nivea, lets try again. I had a better experience with these wipes. In truth, I probably won't be buying them again because they were no were near as soft as I would have hoped. Even though it says that it removes make up, I found it very difficult to do so using these wipes. And I had an even tougher time trying to remove waterproof mascara. I loved that it was fragrance free but that's about the only thing I liked. But I don't really think the wipes were worth the price.

Origins Super spot remover 
And finally, another Origins product. This one for me, I would say was the biggest let down. Maybe I just expected to much to begin with. When I first used it, it worked fabulously, reducing pimples significantly within a few hours. But after a few days, I noticed that wherever I had put the gel on my face, the skin in that area would become darker and start to peel. I was alarmed as I had no clue why this had happened. My skin went back to normal after a few days of putting on bio-oil, but this still really worried me. I was incredibly disappointed as this was the one product I had been buzzing to buy. I think maybe it was because I used it overnight? I don't know. There is no instructions on the box so I'm still not cure whether I can use this or not. If you had a similar problem with the Super Spot remover then please let me know!

So this was my skincare update/ review, if you have any questions then just drop off comment and I'll get back to you! Have a lovely night!


  1. ive never tried orgins but have always wanted too! great review :) xx

  2. I really love your blog ♥

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment and following! Very sweet of you xx


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