Sunday, 15 September 2013

What's in my school bag?

I have finally, finally found some time to squeeze in a blog post! Okay, that is part lie and part truth, I took the pictures with the intent of writing and posting today but I was suppose to finish my Chemistry homework first but I've tossed that aside in boredom just so I can write this. I will get back to it, I just couldn't focus knowing that the pictures I took were sitting lonely and unseen in my camera. Besides, I'm still on the topic of school, right? Good, I no longer feel guilty :) I have been wanting to do this post since school started so I am ver ver excited especially after reading hundreds of these all over the place, so, without further ado, this is What's in my school bag.

Of course, the bag itself! I bought this  beauty from Accessorize after a frantic search on the day before school started. When I found it, I nearly cried out in happiness. It is the perfect colour as my school only allow navy and black, it's a great size and its a backpack! If you scroll down on the website, you'll see I've left a review!

1. Water is something you need in pretty much every bag and since I've been going down the 'healthy route', I have been trying to drink as much as I can.
2. Wipes. By the end of the school day, my hands feel horrible and dirty, if there isn't a sink nearby to wash my hands, then I whip out my trusty wipes. They're also great for stains and spills haha.
3. Spare glasses. I never had spare glasses before but after one fatal night were I sat straight onto my only pair, I deiced it was something I had to own and carry around, so now I do!
4.School Planner/Diary. My school life revolves around my planner. I need it to take notes for homework and exam days. I never let my friends get a hold of this; it is literally doodle central for them.
5. Mascara and Eyeliner are the only things that can make me look awake after getting up at quarter to six in the morning. I always have them in my school bag so if I don't have time in the morning, I can pop to the toilet in school and quickly put them on ;)
6. Sandwich box. Being the money saving mongrel I am (ha) I try to take sandwiches to school instead of buying lunch. This snack box from Debenhams is the cutest little thing ever! And its sarcastic! Like me! It also comes in another colour with another cool slogan.
7. A book. It is extremely, extremely rare for me not to have a reading book in any bag I carry. I am read whenever I see a chance, whether that be on my way to my next class (which proves very difficult) on the very loud bus journey. I just started Wallbanger and I love it already!
8. School books. The very reason I even carry a school bag.

And now I shall disappear once again, hopefully not for too long although I do have a maths exam in November ehhhhhh! Wish me luck!! I hope you enjoyed this post!


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