Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mini Baking Haul!

I told my mum that she didn't have to buy me a birthday present this year. I told her I'd rather she save whatever money she was going to spend on me so I could put it towards my camera fund. But of course she wouldn't hear of it hahaha. She took me to Argos last Tuesday and said I could buy anything I needed for baking! (Which was a lot; I am very deprived in baking equipment)


A scale that actually works properly! I never thought I'd see the day. My previous scale was about eight years old and absolutely shattered, I could never get an exact measurement but not any more! Digital scales are the way forward; quick, easy and effective. It was only £10 and works a charm, you can also buy it in tons of other colours. 

Yay! Cookie cutters are awesome and I've never owned any. No longer will I have to attempt to cut out a circle with a kitchen knife . This set was on sale in Tk Maxx for £2 so I just grabbed it. It contains a large star, small star, large heart, small heart and a large circle. I think some of the circle pieces were missing and that's why it was on sale but that didn't bother me!

This is just a bargain. I have no idea why I didn't by two. It was just £1.49. That's it! A cupcake tray is once again something I was in desperate need of to retain the shape of my cakes and now I have one! I need to go back and by another.

Before I bought this beautiful contraption I either had to manually whisk (which is a pain in the arm *see what I did there?*) or use my ancient stand up mixture that was sooooo slow. I've never been so happy to get a hand mixer ever. This was only £16.00 I think.    

Yes. I was even lacking in the simply necessity of a deep tray. But now I have one! 

This is the best Vanilla Essence I have ever had the pleasure to use. I discovered it back when I was doing work experience (which I keep promising a post about! It will come sooon) and it is just a little gem. You can buy it from most corner shops for about £1.50.

And thats it! This is my first ever haul post and its not even that big. But as I am going shopping next week with a purse full of cash and will have a massive clothing haul. Until then, adios. 


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