Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer Wishlist.

1. Dress - Topshop
2.  Lipstick -Topshop
3. Playsuit - Topshop 
4. Wedges - Forever 21
5. Shorts - Topshop 
6. Crop Top - Motel Rocks 
7. Skirt - Asos 

Everyone needs that dress in summer that you can throw on with minimum effort and still look pretty in. I've been eyeing this one from Topshop for ages I absolutely love it. And the floral pattern just makes me love it even more.

I don't usually wear lipsticks but if I do, I stick to shades of red. But I love this colour so much, I'm willing to take that dive in the deep end. Even if it is a fairly dark shade for summer.

I don't actually own a playsuit. But if I had the money to buy one, it would defintley be this. I think the chest area is fairly modest compared to the short length which is always a good combo and I love how it gathers at the waist. The print is gorgeous to. 

I loooooooooved wedges so much and these pair are almost perfect. I'm a sucker for buckles although I don't particularity like peep toes. Such a contradiction but I don't care; I'd still buy them.

These are definitely a gamble. I'm not entirely comfortable wearing shorts unless I'm in my own house or on holiday and these are pretty short. Oh well. I can still admire them from a distance.

Crop Top
I want this so bad. I've been meaning to buy since the sun appeared from behind the clouds but still haven't gotten the chance to. If I only buy one thing on this list, it will be this top, no doubt about it.

Skirts are my best friend, I need more and I shall soon be adding this to my collection. The bold print is gorgeous and this is an easy piece to dress down or up.

So these are my wishes! Father Christmas? If you're out there I want my presents early pleeasssee! What do you want in your summer wardrobe? 

My posting everyday is going great! Although this should have been up this morning haha


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