Sunday, 14 July 2013

Prioritise, Organise and Apologise.

My last post was last week Thursday. This is one of the many reasons that I've disappointed myself this week. I am on work experience (there will be a post on this in the near future) which means I have two weeks off of school and I told myself I would spend these two weeks getting done everything that I normally couldn't because of school hours and the overload of homework I always had. This included writing my story, revising maths (which I am terrible at) and most importantly focusing on my blog. But this past week, I haven't done any of that. I've lazed around every time I've got home from work and watched episodes of 2 Broke Girls and Suburgatory.

So the first thing I need to do is prioritise. I have so many things running through my mind that I need to put them in order of importance. My piortites need to be clear. My number one priority for next week is this blog. Everyday of this week, starting from tomorrow I will write a post. I have them all planned and I will try my utmost to go through this without fail. They should be up everyday before 1:30, before I go to work.

The next thing is to organise. As well as my blog, like I mentioned earlier, I have to write my novel and revise for maths all while going to work and doing other daily tasks. So I've decided the best way to keep myself organised is to write To Do lists. Everyday, I will write a list of things I need to do and I'll make sure that they are all crossed off by the end of the day. This method really works for me.

And the last thing I need to do is apologise. I am so sorry for the lack of posts. I feel that I don't past as often as I used to and that I really need to pick up. So after the full week of posts, I will start posting three times a week; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I'm so excited for this new approach I have to my blog and just life in general.

Me aside, how was everyone's week?    


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