Thursday, 4 July 2013

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.

The second the sun started to peak out from behind the clouds, my family and I packed our things and headed to the South-end on sea. Ironically, we got down there and the sun was shining but the wind was atrocious. I had spent ages fixing my hair, only to have it attacked, hence why there are no pictures of myself. I looked terrible. That aside, we got there pretty early so the sea front was fairly empty which was nice. We settled quickly and shared delicious hot dogs that we had brought along. To be honest, there wasn't much to do on the seaside itself so we walked around for a bit and then wondered into a mini amusement park. Unfortunately, I am not a roller coaster type of person, but I'm a sucker for arcades. If you left me alone in an arcade, I would not leave until they were closed. In total, we spent £15 there. And what did our tickets win us? A light up yo-yo and two lollipops. It was still good fun though.

Hunger struck very quickly, so bought ourselves some tea and freshly made doughnuts. They were yum. We drove home tired and very much battered from the wind, but content. I love days like this. They make me super excited for the summer holidays which are just round the corner! 

Tomorrow is practically my last day of term as I am off to work experience next Monday. No school for two weeks! I have plenty of posts planned. I should probably get off blogger now and revise for my maths mock tomorrow.

What do you do like to do beside seaside?    


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