Friday, 19 July 2013

All around the world.

Good morning everybody! 

To be honest, my blog doesn't get that many hits. It doesn't bother really because whether people actually read my blog or not, I still loooove to write. But what I think makes up for the fact that I don't get many page-views, is my demographic.

I really wish I could be less cheesy but it genuinely amazes me that people from France to China and Pakistan stumble across my blog somehow. It puts the biggest smile on my face ever. The first thing I do when I log into blogger is check for any new countries and today I saw Kuwait! I've never even heard of it. This blog post ins't much but I really wanted to express my thanks and amazement. 


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  1. you clearly know how to impress me

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! (saw your comment on SprinkleofGlitter)
    A new follower from The Netherlands !
    Love your blog ! I think I'll have a look at my viewers now !
    If you want to check out my blog :)
    PS you should change your age in your profile :)

    1. Thank you for following and commenting and wishing me a happy birthday!!! I've changed my age now! Didn't even notice it! I'll go and check out your blog right now :)


I read, love and appreciate all your comments, if you want me to check out your blog then just leave a link! (but please don't ask me to follow you)

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