Friday, 28 June 2013

Style Icons - Olivia Grace.

Olivia is such a cool cat. 
Many of you may know her from her wonderful blog What Olivia Did... Ever since I discovered her website in December 2012, I can't get enough of her. She is one of my favorite Style Icons to date, and I am slowly creating a wardrobe to match hers. So, sit down, relax and prepare to drown in a sea of pictures. 

Olivia Grace has the best selection of dresses I have ever seen. And what I love the most, is that every single dress is different.  I love, love, love the lace detail on the shoulders of the first dress and that red is absolutely beautiful. I'm fast realising that red is becoming one of my favorite colours. Another thing is that she pairs everything with the best and simplest of accessories.  

How gorgeous is Olivia in jeans? She looks fab in everyone of these looks. Often pairing jeans with a simple jumper or top and boots means she looks comfy and chic. My favorite of the outfits is the second one; I so want that coat and bag. The coat looks super soft and the bag is a lovely burgundy.

From the skirts that I've seen on her, there is always a unique print. I loooove the banana's on the above outfit. And the shades of blue and black on the first one. Olivia always makes great choices.

Okay this is a bit of a random category; two pairs of trousers, dungarees and shorts, but I thought I'd through them together anyway. Print trousers are awesome; they make everything look so funky and I definitely need to get a pair of my own. In fact, I've been eyeing up these ones from Asos for a while now. They're next! next! next! on my to buy list. I also looove the chunky heels in the second image. If I attempted to wear dungarees, I'd look ridiculous. Mega jealousy. That Kimono! At the beginning of this week, after seeing Selena Gomez in one, I have acutely become obsessed with them. I found out that Selena's was from Zara so if I get the money, this will also jump in my shopping basket. And might I add that Olivia has a wonderful collection of sunglasses?   

Now to create my own Olivia Grace inspired look! 

Dress, Asos, Sunglasses, Topshop, Shoes, Asos
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