Friday, 31 May 2013

Style Icons - Amber Heard.

It really is no fair for a person to be as beautiful as Amber Heard is.

I'm not going to lie, a huge part of the reasons why she is one of my style icons is because she is drop dead gorgeous. Like stunning, total envy. That aside, I love every single one of her outfits. I don't know whether she has a stylist, if she doesn't then I applaud her. Prepare to be bombarded with a bucket load of pictures.  

I'm going to start with her red carpet items. I'm starting with this because I love her everyday/casual outfits more than red carpet events. This dress. This dress is amazing. The colour does it for me. It is a beautiful red. And I'm loving the the sheer detail that runs around the arms, along the chest and down the V of her chest. I think it goes down the thighs as well. All in All, it is breathtaking. There is not many red carpet looks I love on her, in fact this is probably the only one.

This is the first casual outfit I love on her. All black. How does she manage to make all black look so chic? I can only wish I looked this good in black. And I love her bag! 

I think i'm more into ankle boots because of her. How gorgeous does she look in just a pair of jeans and a slightly over-sized, rolled up jumper?

Another thing with Amber is that her style is so diverse. I would call this little collection of three different outfits more dressy casual. I love the cardigan she is wearing in the first outfit and the skirt in the last one. Doesn't she look like she just stepped out of the 1940's?  It's like vintage chic. I also envy her choice of sunglasses in every outfit.

This is Amber's more relaxed style. In each picture its either a maxi dress on skirt and think it is very befitting on her.

And how smart does she looks in this pantsuit? The red velvet shoes are gorgeous! 

I could spend agggggess posting a ton more pictures but it's time to move on LoL. Here is my casual inspired look.
Jumper, Topshop, Jeans, Topshop, Boots, Topshop

Here are  a few random outfits I couldn't bare to leave out!

Last question, do you prefer her blonde or brunette? I'm not sure...

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