Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How not to spend your money.

I thought I'd try a different kind of post today. 

As a fourteen year old, I am constantly strapped for cash. For pocket/dinner money I usually get ten pounds a week from my Dad. A meal at my school is two pounds, so two pounds for everyday of the week. After a while, it became apparent that if I didn't want to, I didn't have to spend the money on lunch. So I began saving up, but as I saved, I spent. I was useless! I would reach thirty or forty pounds and then splash it all during the weekend or at half term. But now, its gotten much worse. As much as I try, I no longer save. Apart from the odd ninety or so pounds in my debit card (which I have forbidden myself to touch as I am saving up for this camera) I currently have zero pounds to my name. I still do get my ten pounds a week but I always spend it within that week. So I have compiled a list, in hope to stop others from repeating my own recurring mistakes, of what not to spend your money on.  (Certainly not as toilet paper, that's for sure.)

1.  Cheap, greasy breakfast.
The days that I wake up a little later than usual, I skip breakfast. When I skip breakfast, I literally cannot make it through the day. I really do wish I was exaggerating. The cafe three minutes away from my school sells these delicious burgers ranging from £1 to £2 max. Put one and two together and you get me, sitting by the cafe window scoffing down a cheeseburger. I need to put this money-eating habit into check ASAP.

2. Expensive Water. 
I don't know why on earth I do this, but I have successfully convinced myself that there is the biggest difference in the world from a bottle of water that costs 30p and the exact same amount of water that costs £2.50. I'm sure there is some type of difference but probably not significant enough for me to spend so much for water. Water. 

3. Rent-for-a-week Library DVD's    
As a book manic, I am almost always at the library. Whilst looking for a good teen romance story, I always happen to pass by the DVD section. To rent a DVD is £1 - £2 maximum if it's a new release. So of course, instead of borrowing a book, a lot of the time I end up borrowing a movie. *Sigh* If only there was a way to the teen romance section that didn't include passing by the DVD's.    

4. Impulse Shopping 
If there is a sale at a clothing retailer, let's say Forever 21, I will buy something, even if I don't need it. "Oh my giddy goodness, original price £20, sale price, £9; I don't care, I need this."
A few hours later, I will look at what I've just bought and think, what was I thinking? The unfortunate thing about this situation is that pretty much every single clothing shop does not refund sale items.

5.  The Gym
During the summer of last year, I signed up for a pay-as-you-go gym card. It costs £3 per two hour session. The problem is, I don't go often enough, so when I do choose to go I don't follow it up with a healthy diet or continuous exercise so I'll end up wasting £3 at the gym and then eating a massive slice of chocolate cake about an hour afterwards. Very unproductive Tosin. 

To try and solve these small issues I've decided to start budgeting and writing down everything I spend money on.

What little things do you tend to waste money on?     


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  1. Omgosh! I know exactly what you mean! I am such an impulse buyer in the sales.. its topshop jewelry I am like 'ohh £1.50, I will buy three..' and then NEVER wear them!
    Great post x


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