Friday, 1 March 2013

Straightening my hair :amika ceramic styler.

I only started straightening my hair after I went to the hairdressers to have it relaxed and trimmed. I had relaxed my hair previously but my mum would help me do it using home kit. I highly recommend going to the hairdressers to get it done because the quality is about 90% better. Just in case you don't know what relaxing is, it is when you use a type of lotion or cream type called a relaxer (generally used by people with curly-textured hair), which makes hair less tangled and also easier to straighten by chemically "relaxing" the natural curls. Anywho this is how I straighten my 

I use the amika 100% ceramic and it is absolutely fantastic. Me, my sisters and my mum were in House of Fraser on Oxford Street quite a while ago (probably a year now) when a sales assistant for amika came up to us (she must have been Spanish or from Eastern Europe because she had a thick accent) and said "Come, come! Sit, sit!" so my sister sat down and had a section of her hair straightened. The lady was lovely though and explained how a ceramic straightener will give you super shiny straight hair and how ceramic is much better than glass or metal because it's extremely smooth. She said how another benefit of ceramic plates over the cheaper glass and metal ones is that they heat evenly. I could go on about the benefits but if I did, this would be a very long blog post! They are an amazing product though.

It came with two clips of which I have misplaced somewhere in my house...

We were convinced and soon ended up buying the styler for I think about £90 rather than an original, £150 I think? But we didn't leave without getting any benefits! She said we could come back anytime we wanted, no appointment necessary, to get our hair done, with absolutely no charge, for the next two years! And as if that wasn't enough, the styler came with a lifetime guarantee which means as long as we keep the receipt, they will always replace it if it damages! It was a fantastic deal, and I thoroughly enjoy this styler! 

 So this is my hair before I've straightened it and it does look rather straight already as I did straighten it a couple of days ago (my hair stays straight for about three to four days after I straighten it). I used the word 'straight' about fifty times there! 

Before I apply any type of heat to my hair, I use Organic Olive Oil heat protection Serum. Not only does it provide heat protection but it also helps straighten my hair and leave's it shiny. And I believe it was only £5.00, I'm not sure though because my mum bought it for me. I then section my hair, which can be extremely frustrating, but I always get there eventually. In the pictures, my hair is very badly sectioned, sorry :)

Another great thing about the amika styler is that it heats up in literally ten seconds, so I switch it on and turn the dial to about 160 and begin to straighten.

I do this for every part of my hair and that's my hair straightened! I don't do this often though, maybe once a week or once every two weeks and sorry I don't have a final picture, I didn't straighten my whole head when taking these, a big thanks to my little sister who took the pictures!

Check out amika's website and blog, they truly are a fantastic company!

Do you straighten your hair? And if you do with what straightener?
Let me know!


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