Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My blogging story.

I first heard the word blog a couple of years ago. I asked my cousin what a blog was and she told me it was like an online journal. Not really interested in knowing more, I left it at that. Then after a few months a Disney movie Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars. I never actually watched the movie;  it was just kind of on in the background whilst I was on my laptop, so I opened up word and started writing my first ever 'blog'. It was called Why is Kim Kardashian famous? I literally just ranted about whether or not Kim K's fame was valid or not. I think I still have it somewhere! I forgot all about blogs after that.

After a few months a  sudden spark of interest for blogging came again. So it was about November 2011 that I wrote my first official blog on blogger named plumcherrytree's orange blog. Why it was orange? I have no idea LoL. My first blog post was about what blogs were, how weird the word blog was and how I was starting my own. At this point I was yet to read a single blog. Then at the end of the blog post I wrote something along these lines:

"If I wanted to, I could use this blog to vent and rant about everything that annoys me, but that would get boring. So I want to blog about what you want me to blog about. I will write about anything, absolutely anything, just leave a comment" 

Surprisingly after a few hours I received my first comment.

"Why do people climb trees? Do you consider this a useful skill?" (This persons username was Gorilla I think which explains the question!)

I  happily wrote an entire blog post all about climbing trees, then decided I would post this little paragraph at  the end of each blog post. After a few weeks though, I completely and utterly forgot about the blog I had set up only rediscovering it about a year later which was also about the same time the spark for blogging had returned with also more knowledge of the blogging world. (This spark isn't very consistent is it? LoL)


Then I discovered Zoella. I started by watching her videos on youtube but I fast became an avid reader of her blog. The thought never occurred to me to start up my own blog (by now I had deleted my previous blog which I now wish I hadn't) all I did was read other peoples.

Then I read this beautiful book called Adorkable about "Jeane Smith a blogger, a dreamer a dare-to-dreamer and CEO of her own lifestyle brand" I'm not quite sure what it was exactly about the book but it made me decide that I wanted to get blogging and stick with it.

I created a blogger account and started by  following only three blogs with no blog of my own. It wasn't until February that I put up my first post and even though including this post, it will only total to six posts so far, I absolutely love it and don't think I'll stop any time soon.

I would love to know if anyone has read this so drop a comment below if you have because as of now I still have zero followers!

lots of love


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