Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cheesecake, first attempt.

One of my friends sent me her cheesecake recipe a while ago but I never tried it. I was feeling especially cheesy today so thought I'd give it a try! 

These are all the ingredients you need
100g Melted Butter
200g Cookies
300ml Double Cream
400g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
100g Icing Sugar

I started by lining the the cake tin with foil which I realized by the end was a bad idea. So next time, I'll probably just put a bit of butter, so it doesn't stick.

Brake up the biscuits into chunks, mix with the melted butter and then layer it on the base of the tin. Another thing I realized by the end was that 200 grams of biscuits is definitely not enough. Next time I will double the biscuits and butter. Put it the fridge until the base hardens.

Then mix together the icing sugar/caster, the packets of Philadelphia  the double cream and either vanilla essence or lemon. Make sure its not to fluffy.

Spread evenly on top of the base then leave to set in the fridge for about and hour and a half! 

Finished product! It came out better than I thought it would and okay I guess for a first try. To garnish, you can put anything you like; I wanted to put some strawberries but had none so settled for grated chocolate.
Have you made cheesecake? 



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