Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A trip to : Wasabi.

Last week Tuesday, a water pipe burst on the ground floor of my school causing a minor flood. Because of this, school was forced to be shut! I wasn't exactly over the moon as it is a brand new building and was actually looking forward to going back to school after the half term, but come Wednesday and school was still shut. 

I had spent most of my half term copped up at home and was on the brink of ripping my hair out if I had to spend another day inside. So after watching an episode of Victorious were they were eating sushi, it hit me; I had never eaten sushi before. I messaged a friend (who's head you can see popping in the corner of the third picture) who was also bored and we arranged to go and eat at Wasabi.

Getting there, we had no idea what any of the food was and quite frankly the staff were no help at explaining so we picked up pretty much random cases of food and thought we'd give it a go. 

I will never eat sushi again.

I didn't enjoy it at all. I knew the sushi we had bought was raw fish but I don't think  my mind registered it. It smelt horrible, it tasted horrible and texture just felt so horrible in my mouth. Thank goodness we ordered sweet and sour noddles otherwise I would had starved.  

Have you ever had sushi? What did you think?


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