Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"Have a little heart for the man on the street"

The Robbie Boyd Band.

I am a genuine lover of folk type, indie/pop music and enjoy music from the likes ofLianne La Havas to First Aid Kit so was thrilled early today when I heard that my
school had arranged for Robbie Boyd from The Robbie Boyd Band to perform in an hour long assembly. Robbie had a contagious smile and an awesome hat that had me excited before he even picked up his (also awesome) guitar. I melted when he began to sing When I Believe (which I have decided is my favorite song of their's) as the lovely lyrics reminded me of a wonderful summer's day and all the happy warm-ness of love (yes I know, completely cheesy). 

He continued by talking to us about peer pressure within drugs, smoking and alcohol, the consequences of the three and how to avoid certain situations. It was a great assembly which he ended with cover's to Somewhere over the rainbow and Imagine, two songs which I absolutely adore. On sale afterward was the band's debut EP Autumn's Flown and their second one Spring Generation but I had no money one me! Luckily the line to meet him was quite a long one so I ran to the high street, found an ATM and ran back down to school in time to buy both and get them signed

I love them both and will definitely be looking out for future gigs!
P.S First blog!!


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